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Please note: Australian spelling applies in Days DownUnder. Therefore spelling of words such as realise (realize), colour (color), recognise (recognize), defence (defense) and so on, 
are not typing or
spelling errors as we
adopt European/English spelling in Australia.

AUSTRALIAN READERS PLEASE NOTE: The wrap up you see now is CURRENT for MELBOURNE.  NSW is 3 days ahead of us, Perth in Western Australia is about 18 months behind, regional Western Australia is ahead by 2 days.  South Australia- previously behind, then 3 weeks ahead are now about 3 days ahead! (good grief) Other towns and regions are all over the place. This gives us a jolly old time - the wrap ups are either old news, last week's news or "Spoilers" depending where you are! Whatever your situation, please sit back and enjoy!   


A Better Word and Resume

Wedding Announcement

Click To Download Days DownUnder congratulates Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) & Dave Sanov on their marriage last weekend.  Pictures taken from Entertainment Tonight feature.
The Bride prepares for the big day.  She said she had to keep remembering it was "for real" and not make believe. The photographer takes the Bride's happy snaps..
Walking down the aisle The Vows...
The Vows continued Josh Taylor (Roman) is very happy for her.  He remarks the cast has seen Ali grow up to a lovely young woman.
The bridal waltz? The cast congratulate Ali.
Husband Dave, didn't think he'd get a tear in his eye, but when he saw how beautiful his bride looked, he just couldn't help himself. The Rings.....

Congratulations Ali & Dave!

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